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How Much Is A Loft Conversion In Kent?

The price of a loft conversion in the country of Kent (UK) will be largely dependent on a number of different factors, the main ones being the following:

1) The size of the property – this will be important because the roof-space (or rather the ceiling space) of the property.
2) Whether or not there are any specialist elements you would like included in your loft conversion, for example bespoke staircases, bespoke flooring, specialist décor or other additions that would cost in excess of what the regular cost of a loft conversion in Kent may cost already.
3) The overall complexity of the job itself, some attic conversions are more complex than others, this would be a matter for assessment by our specialists to determine with your guidance on the requirements for the project.

We would love the opportunity to discuss your loft conversion project with you.

For a Quote for a loft conversion in Kent feel free to get in touch with us using the quote form at the top of the page.

How Much Is A Basement Conversion In Kent?

Basement conversions are specialist projects which require considerable skills and knowledge to carry out to a high standard.

Some of the factors affecting the cost of a basement conversion in the area of Kent are as follows:

1) Size of the basement area, as you may imagine larger basements will be more expensive to convert than smaller basements due to the increase in labour.
2) Elements you wish to have included in the basement space, for example some people wish to have their basement converted into a home cinema (which may require bespoke electrical installations and other features added to the property), other people may wish to have an extended dining area with a bar installed, some people even choose to have an indoor swimming pool installed in their basement, the possibilities are endless, however all these factors will have a bearing on costing.
3) The extent of the excavation that may need to take place before the project begins, if the ceiling of the basement is particularly low for example, this can require a large scale excavation project and if the basement is particularly large this can turn into a massive (yet exceptionally rewarding) undertaking.

Basement conversions are particularly rewarding projects, we would relish the opportunity to discuss your project with you, for more information on pricing and a quote for your project feel free to get in touch with us using the form at the top of the page.

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