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Kent Loft Conversions

We are your one stop shop for Kent loft Conversion. (Read On For More Information)

Whats’ So Special About Our Kent loft Conversion Service?

We make it easy for you.

1/ We can handle everything for you from the commissioning of the architect through to the completion of the interior décor and preparation.

2/ We have experienced loft conversion builders who can handle all aspects of the build from the start of the planning through to the finishing of the placement of the furniture.

3/ You can contact us through our online contact form to the upper right hand side of the page, at any time night and day, or alternatively you can call us on the number at the top of the page, we are willing and able to help you, whatever stage of proceedings you’re at.

What About Architects?

You can either use your own architect or work with our recommended architect, your choice and you can pick and choose exactly which elements you would like to be included in your kent loft conversion, however simple or complicated, we will provide you with a free quotation that matches your requirements.

Do I Need Planning Permission For My loft Conversion In Kent?

This is dependant on your requirements, however your best option is to contact us first to discuss, this is because we have experience in dealing with clients whom require planning permission and we can advise you on what is possible with/without permission, and how to gain planning permission should you require it. We are your one-stop-shop for loft conversion.

Why Should I Get A loft Conversion?

1/ Increases your homes value (Loft Conversions Can Increase A Homes’ Value By Around 20%-25%) – In the area of Kent, house prices are known to be above the average house price in the UK, a loft conversion can increase the value of a house by 25%, so it is even more advantageous to people living in areas’ such as Kent to extend their home by having a loft conversion put in.

2/ Allows for more usable living space – You can do a lot of different things with a loft conversion, some people choose to have home cinemas’ installed whilst other people choose an upstairs gym, some people have even had a home office installed in their loft, the possibilities are endless.

3/ Some people choose to rent out their Kent loft conversions – many landlords are now looking to expand their properties for purposes of increasing their rental income, this is now made possible through loft conversion, if this is your situation you now have a one-stop-shop who can take care of your conversion from the very start, through to completion.

How Long Will My loft Conversion Take?

loft conversion in Kent usually take anywhere between 8-16 weeks dependant on the complexity of the job (us it a dormer, mansard, or velux conversion? More on this below), any bespoke elements, and ultimately the size of the property.

Dormer loft Conversions – Kent

A dormer loft conversion is when the roof protrudes upwards through the existing roof (meaning the roof needs to be rebuilt but you realise even more usable space from your loft.

Will A Kent Dormer loft Conversion Require Planning Permission?

Dormer loft conversions in Kent often don’t require planning permission, however we can help advise you on this matter, a good option for you in this situation would be to make contact with us so we can give you tailored advice that is relevant to your project, the more you let us know about your aspirations for your conversion, the more we can help you.

Mansard loft Conversions – Kent

A mansard loft conversion is a type of conversion that enables the residents of the house to have the maximum amount of space to be made usable.

This means that the loft is extended in such a way that the frontal portion of the loft is almost built out as though it’s part of the external wall below, so the property can realise the maximum amount of space.

Will A Kent Mansard loft Conversion Require Planning Permission?

Usually a mansard conversion in the Kent area will require planning permission. We can help with the attainment of planning permission from your local authority. Get in touch with us for further guidance.

Velux loft Conversions – Kent

A Velux loft conversion is a loft conversion that generally requires the least amount of building work and disruption, due to the fact that the amount of work necessary for the roof is minimal.

These loft conversions allow in a lot of additional natural light and are perfect for adding an additional bedroom onto a house.

Will I Need Planning Permission For A Velux loft Conversion In Kent?

Normally you would not need planning permission for a velux loft conversion (conversion of your attic with velux windows added) however it is worth checking with us during the time of your quotation.

What Is The Next Step For My Kent loft Conversion Project?

When you’re ready to arrange a free quotation and consultation about your loft, feel free to get in touch with us using the form to the upper right hand side of the page.
You will be contacted by a representative that will arrange a timeslot for a quotation with you.

About Your Consultation

The free consultation & quote will be your opportunity to ask all the questions and explore all the possibilities you wish in relation to your property, you will be informed of what is viable for you, and what would make the most practical “sense” for your home extension.

It is during this time that the representative should be able to give you a quotation based on your requirements and aims.

How Quickly Can You Begin My Kent loft Conversion?

It is best that you speak with us about this once you’ve made contact, we can usually be flexible and we like to be as sensitive to the needs of our customers as possible.

Have Multiple Properties in Kent You’d Like A Quote For?

No problem. Simply fill out the online form to request your quote and we’ll be in touch to arrange that for you.

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